Negligence and Wrongful Death Cases

Accident victims can be entitled to recover financial compensation under the law. The nature and extent of the injury and how it intersects with the law are often determinative of the victims’ litigation strategy. This can involve choices about whether to sue, who to sue, how much to sue for, and where to sue. The State and Federal Court systems and arbitration forums each may be available, and each has risks and benefits to victims making claims that must be understood.

Additionally, the damages laws associated with the claims being made can vary. Many types of cases have damages caps, including certain kinds non-contractual claims brought against governmental entities, or for components of personal injury, such as pain and suffering. Damages laws and limitations can change based on the nature of the case, such as medical malpractice or standard personal injury, or even under aviation law depending on whether the ticketed passenger was flying nationally or internationally. Other recoveries are impacted by the insurance coverage that is available to the responsible wrongdoer, sometimes modified by their personal assets or those of his/her employer.

Additionally, in the case of a wrongdoing that causes the loss of a life, legislative limitations have been established that dictate which survivors can recover for the loss, and the extent to which compensation should be paid to the deceased person’s estate. We have expertise in these areas of the law. We work with these cases each and every day, and we have even authored a book for lawyers on such cases, entitled Trying the Wrongful Death Case in Maryland: Strategies in Preparation and Valuation, published by the National Business Institute. Yet, ours is a national and even international practice, and we have represented victims of tragedy worldwide. These include aviation disasters such as Flight 103, which involved terrorism and hundreds of fatalities over Lockerbie, Scotland, or a cargo flight that decimated a heavily populated neighborhood in Guatemala, where more than 20 lives were lost on the ground and dozens were injured but survived.

We have regularly represented victims of railway collisions, having been appointed Liaison Counsel to the crash victims by the United States District Court for the District of Maryland, after which time the largest recoveries for railroad victims in a mass disaster until that time were negotiated. We consult with clients, lawyers, and the media in these cases.

Our experience with complex disaster comes from and now lends itself to our success in handling more frequently seen occurrences, such as automobile, motorcycle, and trucking accidents. In these cases, as in our aviation and railroad cases, we have recovered many millions of dollars for our clients, and some of those cases have occurred internationally.

If you, a relative, or close friend have been victimized and you want lawyers with experience and a track record of success, consider discussing the matter with our firm. We offer a free consultation with experienced attorneys. Call 410-244-1155 or email We are willing to represent clients who have these cases on a contingency basis, and we advance all litigation costs.

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